From Headmistress Desk :


The tools of education must be analytical, critical and utilitarian. The true of education yields the richest fruit, which may taste bitter from outside, but whose kernel is sweet, nourishing and rewarding. But the need of the hour is more young men & women who are idealistic, practical, dynamic and willing to lead from front. Who will produce these leaders? Schools which give quality education, can nurture such leaders.

Govt. High School, Sec-46-C is working whole heartedly to provide a stimulating atmosphere to the students that nurture creative thinking. Educational tools not only stir the pot, they also fuel our dreams, challenge our ambitions, and inspire our horizons. Education is different thing for different people. For he Nightingale, it is striving to sing her best song. For the moon, it does never have to hide its face behind a cloud. For the sun, it is freedom from darkness and revealing in light, strength and students, it is vital for you to remember that true talent refuses to remain hidden behind the veil of any obstacle. Don't be melon heads refusing to give up old habits, peeves & passions. . Remember individuals are not prisoners of fate, but only of their minds. Don't keep on shivering and shriveling. Challenge your limit. Don't be slave to robotic learning. Unleash the power of your nascent strength and rise in fiery glittering glory. Be a hero, overpower your rivals, be regally like the sun in its enthusiastic energetic glorious journey across the heavens.